Through our innovative approach, we are ushering in the next chapter of sustainable, equitable urban development—positioning Chicago as a model city for transformation.

“This is true change: a facility that can grow food, create energy, and provide education and inspiration to young people and folks returning from incarceration—all happening within a community that represents the challenges that we’ve been up against for the last 130 years.”

Erika Allen, Co-Founder of Green Era and Co-CEO of Urban Growers Collective

Everyone deserves a healthy, sustainable, and thriving environment to live in, but communities of color are disproportionately affected by climate change, unemployment, and negative health outcomes. Green Era exists to change that reality. From our multi-pronged strategy to our community-centered campus design, Green Era is a blueprint for a better future.

Our model

Green jobs. Clean energy. Affordable fresh produce. An impact that starts in Chicago and ripples across the world. Our community is leading the charge in climate resilience for everyone.

Our progress

Green Era is a crucial investment in community-centered sustainability solutions. We can’t do it without you.

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Together we have the power to meet and exceed our goals.

Let's solve Chicago's most complex issues.