Food Waste Recycling

We believe in feeding people, not landfills. Green Era provides businesses, organizations and communities an easy and cost-effective alternative to landfilling your organic waste, while also helping to meet zero-waste, recycling goals and creating a thriving green community.

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What We Accept

Green Era accepts for recycling a wide variety of food and beverage waste. This can also include packaging and post-consumer inorganic materials that can be separated in our state-of-the-art depackaging process. Acceptable waste types include:

Transportation and Receiving Services

Transportation services include:

Why Food Waste Recycling

Our goal is decreasing food waste and increasing food security. We want edible food to first go to feeding people and animals, but unfortunately some food is inedible and needs to be diverted from landfills and recycled. Green Era supports the EPA’s Food Recovery Hierarchy, which views landfills only as a last resort. 

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