Renewable Natural Gas Supplier

We’d love to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Learn more about purchasing renewable natural gas from Green Era.

Why RNG?

RNG can help reduce your carbon footprint/greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by reducing the amount of conventional natural gas needed. Renewable natural gas (RNG) is natural gas produced from organic waste materials like food waste and animal and plant-based materials. The gas is considered to be a carbon-negative energy source because it is created from organic waste that is continuously produced, and is naturally occurring as part of the decomposition process.

How do I purchase RNG?

Green Era offers customers the opportunity to purchase Renewable Natural Gas. Green Era’s RNG is mixed with the overall gas supply, so customers do not need to install special equipment to participate in our RNG program. To find out more about purchasing Green Era’s RNG, please fill out this form or contact us at: (908) 552-5626.