Green Space

The Green Era Educational Campus will be open to the public, providing serene settings and dynamic programs for casual visitors and experienced green thumbs alike. Whether you want to purchase fresh produce or take a leisurely walk among nature’s beauty, Green Era has plenty of offerings.

The Green Era Campus will receive a projected 3,000 visitors per year and serve as a center for communities coming together.

Community garden plots

Our community garden plots provide a place for everyone to build and tend to their own slice of the Green Era Campus. We will provide plots of land for neighbors to grow food while connecting with other community members.

Productive Edible Landscape

Our Edible Forest and Walking Trail will include outdoor community green space for recreation and education, and an amphitheater with an open-air stage for convening community for performances and co-creating art. Productive landscapes such as fruit and nut trees, native plant habitats, flowers, a butterfly garden, and other beautification efforts will restore local ecosystems while also providing experiential learning opportunities for community members.

Photo of people working in the garden

Community Green Stormwater Infrastructure and Contemplation Space

Stormwater management and planting native trees and grasses will provide necessary ecosystem services to the Campus’ operations. Stormwater management infrastructure will include retention ponds on site, as well as other cutting-edge options that will integrate into experiential learning and workforce development programming.

Event Bookings

Spaces on Green Era’s Campus will be available for reservation in the future.

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