Green Era Campus

Located in the Greater Auburn Gresham neighborhood of Chicago, the Green Era Campus began with the remediation of contaminated soil on a 9-acre brownfield site in order to support the construction of a 35,000-square-foot facility to house an anaerobic digester system. Now, we’re launching the second phase of development: vibrant community spaces to educate, enrich, and empower Auburn Gresham and the city as a whole.

“My family has lived in Auburn-Gresham for nearly 60 years and experienced all of its economic fluctuations first-hand. I am thankful for Urban Growers Collective and Green Era’s promising investment in Auburn-Gresham and can’t wait to see how this ever-giving project will uplift the community as a whole and improve the quality of life for all of my neighbors.”

Carlos Nelson, Chief Executive Officer Greater Auburn-Gresham Development Corporation

Anaerobic Digester

At the heart of Green Era is an anaerobic digestion (AD) facility, which will create renewable energy and nutrient-dense compost from food waste sourced from mission-aligned partnerships with local municipal agencies, local restaurants, food companies and manufacturers, and residents.

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Finished Compost Distribution Cooperative

Urban Growers Collective is working with Upside Down Consulting to design and implement a worker cooperative model for finished compost distribution among partners.

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Urban Farm and Greenhouse

Supported by the compost created by the AD, our urban farm will provide access to healthy, affordable, fresh produce and give the community opportunities to learn about nutrition and growing food. The Campus will feature technology-accessible greenhouse space and edible landscape elements that are projected to grow thousands of pounds of nutritionally dense food year-round, providing additional food security and access in the community.

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Retail Store & Nursery

Selling affordable fresh produce and plants grown on our very own urban farm, our Retail Store and Nursery will serve as a destination for learning, gathering, and food access for an estimated 2,000 people per year.

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Community Education Center

The onsite Community Education Center will offer workshops and trainings across a variety of topics led by community practitioners to educate and engage participants both virtually and in-person.The Green Era Campus will become the home base of Urban Growers Collective’s organization and will serve as a central hub for engagement within both the South and West Sides and citywide.

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Community Green Space

Green Era is a direct expression of Chicago’s motto Urbs in Horto—city in a garden—creating lush urban green space and supporting the vibrancy and diverse expressions of urban agriculture. In addition to the anaerobic digester and urban farm, the Green Era Campus will include:

  • Stormwater capture infrastructure
  • Community garden plots
  • Native plant habitats, butterfly gardens, and flowers
  • Community produce stand and outdoor market
  • An event plaza and amphitheater
  • An edible forest and walking trail
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