Retail Store and Nursery

Selling affordable fresh produce and plants grown on our very own urban farm as well as from our partners, our Retail Store and Nursery will be a hub to host food access opportunities and will serve as a destination for learning, gathering, and local business development.

The Green Era Campus will increase food accessibility for 2,000 people per year at the Retail Store and Nursery.

Increasing local resources

Through the Retail Store and Nursery, we are creating 20,000 sq. ft. of outdoor retail space for the community. This market space will help meet the pressing needs of our community by providing:

  • Community garden center where fresh produce and native plants grown on-site will be sold.
  • Incubator spaces for new local businesses.

Creating a vibrant economy

Auburn Gresham has significantly fewer businesses than the average Chicago neighborhood—less than 69% below the city average—which forces residents to go outside their community for critical resources. Nearly 90% of spending leaks to outside communities, with 10% of that leakage going to grocery stores outside of the neighborhood. By creating a vibrant marketplace in the neighborhood, the Green Era Campus is ensuring that our neighbors have what they need and contributing to a vibrant circular economy.

Together we have the power to meet and exceed our goals.

Let's solve Chicago's most complex issues.